How to figure out the technology stack of a #web page? #html #JavaScript #Whatruns #Wappalyzer

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If you ever come across a cool website and you wonder what technology stack they are using, you can checking their source code and use dev tool console to figure out. However, there are tools that serve this purpose. For example, Whatruns, Wappalyzer etc


1) Whatruns seems to provide more detailed / thorough information compared to Wappalyzer
2) You can follow some websites using Whatruns and get notified when there is a change
3) Wappalyzer provides APIs but Whatruns doesn't seem to have.
4) Wappalyzer is available via npm too but not Whatruns
5) Wappalyzer provides bookmarklet which is a JavaScript function that you can bookmark but not Whatruns

Wappalyzer bookmark-able JavaScript which seems to download wappalyzer.js and attach it to the window. You can figure out by checking the code below.
javascript: (function() { var d = document, e = d.getElementById('wappalyzer-container') ; if ( e !== null ) { d.body.removeChild(e); } var u = '', t = new Date().getTime(), c = d.createElement('div'), p = d.createElement('div'), l = d.createElement('link'), s = d.createElement('script') ; c.setAttribute('id', 'wappalyzer-container'); l.setAttribute('rel', 'stylesheet'); l.setAttribute('href', u + 'css/bookmarklet.css'); d.head.appendChild(l); p.setAttribute('id', 'wappalyzer-pending'); p.setAttribute('style', 'background-image: url(' + u + 'images/spinner.gif) !important'); c.appendChild(p); s.setAttribute('src', u + 'bookmarklet/wappalyzer.js'); s.onload = function() { window.wappalyzer = new Wappalyzer(); s = d.createElement('script'); s.setAttribute('src', u + 'bookmarklet/apps.js'); s.onload = function() { s = d.createElement('script'); s.setAttribute('src', u + 'bookmarklet/driver.js'); c.appendChild(s); }; c.appendChild(s); }; c.appendChild(s); d.body.appendChild(c); })();

6) Wappalyzer is open-source but Whatruns doesn't seem to be.
7) Both of them are available via Chrome and FireFox extensions.

You can read more about comparison between both on this thread on Hacker News

How they analyze each other?

1) You can see that Whatruns provides more information than Wappalyzer
Using Wappalyzer on
Using Wappalyzer on

Using Whatruns on
Using Whatruns on
2) Again, you can see that whatruns provides more information than wappalyzer does

Using Wappalyzer on 

Using Whatruns on 

Preview of Whatruns and Wappalyzer

1) Whatruns - Discover what runs a website
Whatruns blog on Medium
Whatruns on Twitter
Whatruns HomePage

Whatruns Firefox and Chrome extensions

2) Wappalzyer - Identify technology on websites
You can check out Wappalzyer's GitHub

Wappalyzer HomePage
Wappalyzer Availability
Wappalyzer APIs

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