#RawGit for static github files hosting - #html

You should check out RawGit if you want to host /share your HTML (with JavaScript and CSS) files on GitHub easily. RawGit can server your raw files on GitHub with a proper content-type in the response header so that browsers can render them.

Two steps

1) Copy the GitHub url of your HTML file.
2) Paste in on RawGit and you will get a StackPath hosted CDN link and also another link for development (It can't handle heavy traffic) 

RawGit Homepage
RawGit Homepage

How it works

RawGit checks the extension of your files and serve your files with the proper Content-Type. For example, instead of content-type as text/plain when you view your files raw on GitHub, RawGit relays the response from GitHub with a proper content-type in the HTTP response header such as following:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

You can read up more about RawGit on RawGit's FAQ.

Thanks for reading!