Installing and customizing terminal with #zshrc theme #zsh

I am going to share about a small customization that I did to my zshrc theme. 

Oh My ZSH homepage
Oh My ZSH homepage


What is zshrc? What is zsh? what is z shell? What is a shell? 


In short, a shell is a command line interpreter that interprets the command you type on your terminal (on a Macbook)

Taken from Wiki Unix Shell:
A Unix shell is a command-line interpreter or shell that provides a traditional Unix-like command line user interface. Users direct the operation of the computer by entering commands as text for a command line interpreter to execute, or by creating text scripts of one or more such commands.

Taken from the above post:
In unix terminology, the short answer is that

terminal = tty = text input/output environment
console = physical terminal
shell = command line interpreter

Z Shell (zsh)

In short, Z Shell is a shell that focuses on interactive use.

Taken from Z Shell homepage
Zsh is a shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language. More information can be found on the "Zsh Web Pages" sites.

Taken from Wiki Z Shell
The Z shell (Zsh) is a Unix shell that can be used as an interactive login shell and as a powerful command interpreter for shell scripting. Zsh is an extended Bourne shell with a large number of improvements, including some features of Bash, ksh, and tcsh.


Taken from zshrc homepage
Oh-My-Zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your ZSH configuration. It comes bundled with a ton of helpful functions, helpers, plugins, themes

ZSHRC Installation


Unix-like operating system (macOS or Linux)
Zsh should be installed (v4.3.9 or more recent). If not pre-installed (zsh --version to confirm), check the following instruction here: Installing ZSH
curl or wget should be installed
git should be installed

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

Check out more information about zshrc on zshrc GitHub repo.

ZSHRC Theme Customization

Using a theme

First of all, there are many themes have already been developed. There are at least a few hundreds themes out there. You will probably find one that you like by browsing through the list: themes come with the repo and more themes that you can install.

For those themes that come with the repo, you just have to open up your ~/.zshrc file and change robbyrussell to the name of the theme that you like  
zshrc set them
zshrc set theme ZSH_THEME

Customizing a theme

My terminal looks like this now with sushi as the prefix.
Terminal with zshrc
Terminal with zshrc
I got my idea by referring to mainly these 3 themes:
i) emojiparty.zsh-theme
ii) random-emoji.zsh-theme
iii) oh-my-zsh-random-emoji.zsh-theme

This is what I added to my ~/.zshrc and changed my terminal profiles to get the above effect.

RPROMPT='%{$fg[yellow]%}%c$(git_prompt_info) %t'


Terminal preferences - profiles
Terminal preferences - profiles


PROMPT - define the prompt line from left hand side
RPROMPT - define the prompt line from right hand side
git_prompt_info - print git branch from git plugin
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_PREFIX - define the prompt line before git_prompt_info
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_SUFFIX - define the prompt line after git_prompt_info
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_DIRTY - define the text colour of git prompt when there is uncommitted change
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_CLEAN - define the text colour of git prompt
%{$fg[yellow]%} - set text colour
%t - print out time 

Check out zsh prompting document to learn about prompts


You can also write call a function within your zshrc to further customize your shell.

EMOJI=(🐷 🐼 🐶)

function random_emoji {
  echo -n "$EMOJI[$RANDOM % $#EMOJI+1]"

Thank you for reading!