How to launch #WebStorm using command line?

On OSX, to launch WebStorm from terminal, you have to have webstorm create a terminal launcher script for you.


1) Open up webstorm preferences (shortcut: command + , )
2) Then, search for 'launcher'

 Create Command-line Launcher
WebStorm Keymap: Create Command-line Launcher

3) Then add keyboard shortcut to open Command-line Launcher

Command-line Launcher
Command-line Launcher shortcut
4) Use the shortcut key to create a script

Create Launcher Script
WebStorm Create Launcher Script
5) Hit enter to select the default directory location

6) You can check out the script at the location set in the previous step. It looks something like this:

Command-line Launcher Script
WebStorm Command-line Launcher Script

7) You are able to launch WebStorm from your terminal now. You can do it inside your project to open up that project in WebStorm by

webstorm . 

WebStorm open project from terminal
WebStorm open project from terminal

8) You are all set.


1) If you ever wonder what the abbreviation for in the keymap window is for. You can look it up on WebStorm keymap menu item definitions. It is the abbreviation that you can use when you try it look for it using Search Everywhere (shortcut: shift + shift / Double shift)

WebStorm keymap menu item definitions
WebStorm keymap menu item definitions
2) Useful shortcut keys on a WebStorm blank page

Thanks for reading!