How to make your webpage searchable? #Bing #GoogleWebmaster

Register your webpage with Google and Microsoft - Bing so that your webpage appears in the search result.

Google Webmaster

1) Sign up for an account with Google and sign in.
Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster

2) Sign in and add your webpage URL. 
Add Property
Google Webmaster Add Property

3) Receive messages and advices from Google Webmaster on how to optimize your webpage search result.
Advice from Google Webmaster
Advice from Google Webmaster

Google Search Gallery / Rich Cards

To provide more information about your webpage or display some popular posts from your blog, you should set up Google Rich Cards.

Rich Card Guide
Google Search Gallery / Rich Card

Bing Webmaster

To register with Bing, you need to submit your webpage URL to Bing.

To verify your webpage, you can add a meta tag in the head tag of your webpage.

<meta content='27A39AA6C2E4587085F1BB0B900B6EEE' name='msvalidate.01'/>

There are three ways to get verified on Bing.
1) add a BingSiteAuth.xml to your webpage.
2) add a meta tag like the above into the head tag of your webpage.
3) add CNAME record to DNS

Verified on Bing
Verified on Bing Webmaster
You can follow detailed instruction on Bing webpage.

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