#JavaScript news - #bestOfJs and #stateOfJS

You can check out these two websites to update yourself with what is trendy and popular in JavaScript world.

1) Best of JS

Over here, you can see the latest trend in JavaScript used in web platforms and nodejs.
There are these three sections that I find especially interesting.

Rising stars in JS world by year
You can see the projects that got most stars on GitHub in a certain year.
JS Rising stars
Best of JS - rising stars
On the other note, this webpage is available in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

You can see a list of people - developers, speakers, authors - who have contributed in JavaScript.

Best of JS - JS Community Hall of Fame
Today Hot Projects
You can see a list of projects that got the most stars on GitHub the day before.

Today Hot Projects
Best of JS - Today Hot Projects on GitHub

2) State of JS

This webpage presents a list of comments the authors collected from over 20,000 developers and present the data using interactive and easy-to-understand charts.

State of JS
State of JS
For example: 2017 JS Library survey result
There are 5 options to the survey:
- I've never heard of it
- I've heard of it, and am not interested
- I've heard of it, and would like to learn it
- I've used it before, and would not use it again
- I've used it before, and would use it again

JS library survey result
State of JS - JS library survey result

Catch up with the trend!
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