#ReactNative FlatList and SectionList

I gonna share with you how I learnt FlatList and SectionList and made a simple SectionList

ReactNative SectionList
ReactNative SectionList

is used to display a list.
SectionList is used to display a list of items in different sections.

These videos walk you through steps by steps to make a FlatList and also a SectionList.

You can check out repo's examples to see how they use these lists.
In the ListExampleShared, you can see how they make a SeparatorComponent.

To have separators / dividers in SectionList,  use SectionSeparatorComponent prop for section separator and use ItemSeparatorComponent prop for item separatorListView renderseparator prop doesn't work.

Check out SectionList example to see how they use other props.

Refer to this React Native post for more information about FlatList, SectionList and VirtualizedList.

Thank you for reading!