#NPM version symbols #semver - semantic versioning: ~ ^ > @ < ||

These symbols that come before npm package version number have the following representations.
You can use this semver calculator provided by npm to figure out what they mean.

You can interpret the versioning as so

version 1
2 major updates
3 minor updates

You can run this command to preset your npm prefix.
npm config set save-prefix='~'

Semantic Versioning / semver

1) @ at / ampersand
When you install a package, you can use @ to select a particular version.

2) x or *
They represent wildcard which means they can be any number.

semver wildcard
semver wildcard

3) ^ hat
^ means fixed at version number but flexible at major and minor updates.

semver hat
semver hat

4) ~ tilda
~ means fixed at version and major update but flexible at minor updates.
semver tilda
semver tilda

5) ||
|| means between two versions. It can be used in combination with other symbols too.
For example, 1.1 || ^2.1
semver 1.2 || 3
semver between

6) > <
> or < means greater than or less than, same as usual
semver >1.2
semver greater

You can check out this npm blog for more information.

Thank you for reading!